Hi, we are myCollections!

We create free and pro software.

We have a media manager (myCollections), a wallaper downloader/manager (Yawd) and a software to manage your iphone backup (iBackup explorer). All the software are free, with some limitations.

myCollections is available

Latest version of myCollections our collections manager is out !

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myCollections is the perfect tool to catalog Applications, Books, Games, Music, Movies, TV show or Adult contents, into the same and unique tool.

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YAWD, let you download new wallpaper from different sources. YAWD will also automatically change your desktop background. In addition Yawd provide a multi-screen SrceenSaver based on your downloaded wallpaper

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iBackup Explorer is capable to read any not encrypted iOS backups, so you will be able to browse your iPhone's/Ipad/Ipod data on your computer. This helps you save your messages, contacts and notes to migrate to Windows Phone 8 for exemple

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